About Children’s Educational Opportunity Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.

About Us

We believe the key to assisting children to grow into successful adults is a strong foundational K-8 education, regardless of their ability to pay.


To give the children of Connecticut equal access to quality education.

girl playing in classroomWhat We Do and Who We Help

  • Connecticut families seek out CEO’s assistance because they want a better life for their children. Parents understand the need for their children to attend the K-8 school that best meets the need and ability of their children.
  • CEO provides equal access to K-8 accredited private schools by awarding one-half tuition up to a maximum of $2,100 each year. Parents are responsible for the remaining tuition.
  • Parent’s guardians qualify if their income level is verified at or within 200% of the Federal Poverty Income level for the size of their family.
  • Residents of Bridgeport, East Hartford, Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury Connecticut may apply.
  • CEO continues to explore opportunities to expand the number of Connecticut areas and families served.

The Challenge

The number of applications CEO receives each year are often more than twice the number of available CEO scholarships/funds.