Dr. Lew M. Andrews Fellows

Meet Our Dr. Lew M. Andrews Fellows

Scholarship Award Winners

This year, CEO initiated a new fellowship for eight-graders as an incentive to continue to strive for academic success, continuing education, and service to others. This fellowship is in honor of an accomplished academic, author, founder of CEO and now President and Chair of the Board.

Forty-three eighth graders were considered, and school principals and teachers sent recommendations to CEO for consideration.  Seven finalists were selected by the CEO Board and Administrator. Here is some of what we learned about these remarkable young people.

All students were considered for:

  • Years in CEO
  • Generosity of Spirit & Grace for Others,
  • Grade point average and test scores
  • Leadership Qualities – Future Goals
  • Extracurricular Activities.

Top Winner – Joseph – Bridgeport Hope School, Bridgeport


Joseph’ principal states Joseph has a love of learning, is a great influence on those around him.  He truly enjoys his classmates while caring for younger students. Joseph’s future goals are to finish middle school, high school, and college and to become a lawyer to help those who need assistance the most.

"Joseph wrote that he intends to carry the values of Integrity, courage, and compassion forward as he progresses with his educational and career goals." He hopes to teach other CEO Scholars how to value their education and guide them in their educational and life skills. He intends to make sure CEO will be able to continue to support students like he and his sister.”

First Runner-Up – Brian – St. Theresa School, Trumbull

Brian“My future goals are to become a doctor due to needing medical assistance and having learned how doctors change and save so many lives. I want to be like them and help others in need. I also want to never let my family worry about money ever again because sometimes it can be hard. I plan to help by donating to kids in need of scholarships and encourage them to be someone great.”

Brian was praised throughout the school for his consistent dedication to his education and to others.


Leah – Easton Country Day School, Easton

Leah“Leah writes that her CEO Scholarship helped her by giving her the option to attend a top tier school. One of her future goals is to have an excellent college experience and education.  She intends to help future CEO Scholars by sharing her educational experience and to inspire students them to strive to never be afraid to dream and succeed.”

Leah’s principal indicates that Leah walks with confidence and carries herself with grace. She articulates the fellow students’ needs eloquently and advocates for fellow students and those in need.

Isabel – Milford Christian Academy, Milford

IsabelIsabel believes her CEO Scholarship helped her realize that she is capable of working harder and getting better grades.  She hopes to go to college to become a veterinarian.  Isabel hopes that she can continue to be an influence on fellow students giving them guidance and courage through their school years.

Isabel’s principals describe her as unafraid to stand up for righteousness and the acceptance of others.

Pablo – All Saints Catholic Academy, New Haven

PabloPablo is known for his gentleness, and compassion for others. At one point he asked his principal if she could possibly give him a job after school so his little sister could use her CEO Scholarship and afford to continue at such a great school.

Pablo writes, “My CEO scholarship means a lot to me and my family because we are not financially well-off.  I know I am a better student academically and now know I can’t fail in fulfilling my educational goals.  I plan to help other CEO Scholars by setting a good example and being an outstanding student for them to follow”.

Luke – Praise, Power and Prayer School, Windsor

LukeLuke states that “Being a CEO Scholar has helped him and his sister be in a school where teachers take the time to find how they are special, help them learn and encourage them to continue with their education. One of my future goals is to be a hard worker and hopes to be an example to others while following his love of art and sports.  I want many others to have the opportunities my family and I have been give and will work to help others be as happy as we are.”

The principal speaks of Luke's leadership and excellent schoolwork with systematic discipline.

Leanna – St. Andrew Academy, Bridgeport

LeannaLeanna writes, “My CEO Scholarship helps me prepare for my future is which is great.  I hope to complete high school and become a nurse, which I have always wanted to do because I love helping people, and knowing that I can be there for someone or save their life makes me so happy. I want to help others get CEO Scholarships because I know what it is like to not be able to afford tuition. I plan to help many other children receive the wonderful gift I have received.”

Leanna’s principal describes her as a very wonderful and inspiring young woman.