Success Stories and Impact

Kids having fun learning


"Nicholas has thrived immensely from being able to attend Christian Heritage School. He was also given honorable mention for his love for charity, chivalry and kindness towards all his classmates. This wouldn’t be possible without your help." -Unique, CEO Parent

“Thank you!  An education is the most important thing to our family, and we could not have done it without our CEO Scholarships.  My child now feels safe, comfortable and loves the challenging curriculum” -CEO Parent from Hartford

"Proud Mommy moment!! I wanted to let you know that my son has chosen to attend Harvard University. Class of 2026!! They gave my baby a full fee ride!! God is good, awesome, and ever present!! Harvard get ready, [my son] is coming your way!!" 
-CEO Parent from St. Mark School

“Our CEO scholarships have helped all of my children a great deal.  My oldest is now on her way to get her Masters.”  -CEO Parent from East Hartford


“I will never forget my daughter’s first grade at St. Theresa when she couldn’t even finish a sentence in English.  She will be graduating after eight amazing years achieving excellent results.  I want to express my deep gratitude for your generous support.  Thank you CEO.  God Bless you all!” -CEO Parent from St. Theresa School

“Joshua has been an excellent student keeping his grades up making him a high honor student.  He has participated with Student Council and the Social Justice program, providing ideas and help to the most unfortunate such as the children at Life Haven shelter.  We love them and we love you guys for making this possible.  God Bless!!”  -CEO Parent from All Saints Catholic Academy

“It is incredible how much the girls love the school.  They are so happy, they even have asked if they could stay longer in the aftercare program because they want to be in school longer.” -CEO Parent from East Shoreline Catholic Academy

“I just want to say that I admire the way the school and staff have really made this a great experience even though it was a little difficult to get used to.  I am truly amazed at the way it has really brought everyone together in such a difficult time in our world.  The kids are doing such a great job.  As I see the participating and getting their education, I’M JUST IN COMPLETE HAPPINESS." -CEO Parent from Bridgeport Hope School

“Many grateful families, past and present, thank the CEO Foundation for assisting them in providing this opportunity to obtain and receive authentic Judaic core values and an unrivaled education.” -The CEO parents of Southern CT Hebrew Academy

“I thought CEO would like to know that I am now in the 9th grade and I will go to college and become a teacher.  I am making my dream come true and have just learned Mandarin as my third language." -CEO Student from Christian Heritage School


“The students are all welcomed and accepted for who they are.  The teachers really work hard and help us to grow and learn.  There are a lot of activities for the students: sports programs, Trick or Trunk, Halloween Dance, Holiday Hill for the 8th graders, field trips and much more.” -CEO Student from St. Lawrence School

“What do you like about your school? ‘That’s Tough’.  I love everything.  I love how my friends are so interactive and everyone has fun with each other.”  -CEO Student from Christian Heritage School

“Milford Christian Academy has helped me be a better person with God and gave me a better education.”  -CEO Student from Milford Christian Academy

“I pray that more generous and caring people will be inspired to support your foundation by substantial contributions so you can extend your loving efforts to many, many more children.”  -Principal of St. James School

“We see children as unique individuals and life-long learners, while celebrating their cultural diversity and various talents.”  -Principal of St. Lawrence School

“I am delighted to have so many new CEO students at Corpus Christi School this year.  It is a joy to see their ‘smiling eyes’ as they arrive each morning.  Each child has so much to offer and will have a positive impact on their classmates.”  -Principal of Corpus Christi School

“Each year of a child’s education is a precious opportunity that is beyond the reach of many families who lack the financial means to look beyond failing and dangerous inner-city school systems.  It’s a tragedy that compelled me to support CEO and is the reason I passionately work to increase the number of annual scholarships we award.” 

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-David Bohn – President, Preferred Utilities / CEO Board of Directors Vice-Chair and member of the Board since 1998